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bellezzarubata [userpic]
by bellezzarubata (bellezzarubata)
at September 11th, 2007 (11:15 am)
current song: Dot Allison: Did I Imagine You?

Some tidbits for your Tuesday mid-morning.

An article that mentions Rapture as one of writer Jay McInerney's favorite erotic novels.

The Good Life on the Big Bad Salmon in Condé Nast Traveler, by Susan:

From mathieu-bourgois.com (includes a bio in French):

From Steffen Thalemann Photography:

Susan wrote this for Ms. Magazine:

Since I'm assuming others will take along the favorite classics, I would take with me the less-often chosen short stories of Flannery O'Connor, the stories of John O'Hara, and those of Franz Kafka. O'Connor to cover the American South and the questions of grace and morality, which she does with so sharp and unyielding an eye. O'Hara to capture the seedy underside of urban life and suburbia, which he does by tuning his unerring ear to the power and humor of sex. And Kafka, because his sense of the absurd has been such a bright and influential light in twentieth-century literature that he would pretty much cover the rest. His light would be welcome in this next darkness.

And I'm not entirely sure but this could be from Poems 4 a.m.:

My Husband's Back — by Susan Minot

Sunday evening.
Breakdown hour. Weeping into
a pot of burnt rice. Sun dimmed
like a light bulb gone out
behind a gray lawn of snow.
The baby flushed with the flu
asleep on a pillow.
The fire won't catch.
The wet wood's caked
with ice. Sitting
on the couch my spine
collides with all its bones
and I watch my husband
peer past the glass grate
and blow.
His back in a snug plaid shirt
gray and white
leaning into the woodstove
is firm and compact
like a young man's back.

And the giant world which swirls
in my head
stopping most thought
suddenly ceases
to spin. It sits
right there, the back I love,
animal and gamine, leaning
on one arm.
I could crawl on it forever
the one point in the world
turns out
I have travelled everywhere
to get to


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