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bellezzarubata [userpic]
Photos, Print & Audio
by bellezzarubata (bellezzarubata)
at August 14th, 2007 (12:17 pm)

Some gifts.  I'm not going to post any more Evening related reviews.  You can find plenty of those on your own and after all, this is about her, not it.  Of course, you are always welcome and encouraged to post your own findings, reviews or otherwise.

The Cinema Society hosts the New York Premiere of 'Evening' held at the Chelsea West Theatre - Arrivals.  Larger versions can be found here.

Apparently, Susan has a brother named Sam who has also written.  In 'The Strange Poverty of the Rich: Accounts of a Transient Artist's Life' he mentions Susan and her tentatively named upcoming piece, My Life With No One, inspired by him.  He writes, "She divulged that it was about a male artist who lives a wandering existence who lives a wandering existence." 

A young man from a wealthy New England family attends private schools, goes to a Prep School, and as a teenager becomes disenchanted with his background. Embarrassed by the materialistic people he sees around him, he takes himself out of this protected lifestyle and spirals into an odyssey of poverty that is compounded by his compulsive behavior patterns with gambling, alcohol and other drugs. A personal revolution takes place that leads him to a sanctuary within the eye of his own storm where he finds salvation and meaning as an artist.

It appears that you can read the entire book here. The book is 128 pages and also available for purchase.

Lastly, an interview with Susan and Eliza on the topic of siblings. You you can listen to the audio here.